As a leader of the Human Cyber Physical Intelligence Integration Laboratory, I have taken responsibility for several research projects and developed cutting-edge technological innovations. In the following, I briefly introduce some representative examples.

1. I developed an interactive cartoon animation system, which aims to assist non-professional people to create cartoons easily. One of the key components in such a system, was awarded as a runner-up best paper by ACM NPAR 2010 (one of the most famous conferences in Non-photorealistic Animation and Rendering). The results and demo videos can be found at the mirror page:

2. Working with my colleagues, I developed a system named “I2T: Image Parsing to Text Description”, which targets on generating descriptive text by fully understanding and analyzing visual data. The related paper was published in Proceeding of the IEEE, and it was featured by the MIT Technology Review in 2010. The paper link:

3. In 2016, my team developed a new visual surveillance technology, which can use the faces from still images captured under a constrained environment as the queries to find the matches of the same identity in unconstrained videos. This technology has been transferred into commercialized applications. Please find more details at:

4. In 2017, I proposed a new approach to predict a sequence of actions towards accomplishing a specific task under a certain scene. This work, entitled “Knowledge-Guided Recurrent Neural Network Learning for Task-oriented Action Prediction”, received the World’s FIRST 10K Best Paper Award – Diamond Award. Please refer to for more details.

5. My group has closely collaborated with NVidia and we established a joint research center focusing on machine learning and its applications in the Computer Vision, Robots, and Big Data analysis. I am the first principal investigator of this center. Please find the information at:

In sum, I have played a leading role in developing more than 20 innovative projects and 5 prototype systems. Please find more details at: As a result, every year I am able to publish 20+ influential journal and conference papers, mostly in IEEE Transactions and leading international conferences. And two of my papers become the highly cited paper by the ESI (Essential Science Indicators).